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Rapping. Recording. Performing. By age 7, while most children were still learning to read and write, rapper/entertainer Kayla Ca’Sandra Dunnigan aka Justkayla,” was already on the path to stardom. Performances at Arlington Middle School’s Athletic Banquet in Jacksonville, Florida as well as Troy Solomon’s Kids Talent Event solidified Kayla’s stance as a serious rapper and entertainer. This pint-sized powerhouse makes jaws drop in disbelief when she opens her mouth and brings crowds to their feet every time she hits the stage. Kayla’s ability to “walk the walk” and “talk the talk” was proven during her audition for Nickelodeon’s “Who Got Next?” kids show where she was picked to perform on the show as one of the main events. JustKayla’s lyrical skills and delivery are awe-inspiring—reminiscent of seasoned artists who have honed their crafts for years. What makes Kayla cut above the rest? Her musical content is always positive, inspiring, motivating, God-centered, and encouraging. Kayla seeks to bring out her very best and the best in others regardless of age, color, or gender. Her family believed in her so much that In February 2014 they moved to Los Angeles, California to further pursue her career.

Early years

Born on June 9, 2004, in Jacksonville Florida, Kayla was a big burst of energy, enthusiasm, and effervescence in the Dunnigan household. From an early age, her vibrant, precocious personality foreshadowed her future as an entertainer. Not one to go unnoticed, Kayla was given the name “Lady K” by her daycare teacher at the age of 2.

It didn’t take long before Kayla’s father noticed her talent. Her unique voice along with her ability to string lyrics together into in a compelling and profound way motivated her father to take a “sky’s the limit” approach to her career as a serious performer. After only a few minutes of performing via telephone, Kayla managed to make a great first impression on Dremond Boswell, the Producer and Engineer at Dre-B-vibe-N studio in Jacksonville, Florida. This long-shot telephone demo landed Kayla her first studio recording in early 2012 under the name “Lil Ms. Diva”, a song composed by her father.


With distinctive personality, relatable lyrics, and energy to rival the Energizer Bunny, JustKayla auditioned for Nickelodeon’s kids show “Who Got Next?” In November 2012 and was picked to perform on the show as one of the main events. She was also featured on


At the beginning of 2012, Kayla was in the studio laying down her first recording, “Lil Ms. Diva,” the song composed by her father. In May 2012, she performed Lil Ms. Diva” at the Arlington Middle School Athletic Banquet where she was heavily applauded. In April 2013, she performed for the Troy Solomon’s Kids Talent Event at the J3:16 Empowerment Center in Jacksonville, Florida where she performed her new song “I GOT ‘EM HATIN ON ME” featuring her big brother, Kalvin Dunnigan a.k.a Dat Boy. This infectious track that you can’t help but bop your head to can be purchased online at and JustKayla auditioned for amateur night at the Ritz Theater in Jacksonville, Florida where she was chosen to perform in January 2014. 

After moving to California in February 2014, JustKayla composed numerous songs as well as remixes of songs such as Drake’s “0 to 100,” Nicki Minaj’s “Truffle Butter,” and Warren G’s “I want it all.These dynamic remixes will be on her upcoming mixtape, “Straight Out The Sandbox.” JustKayla’s lyricism and deliver on the Truffle Butter remix captured the attention of one the industry’s dopest female emcees, 3DNa’Tee who took to Instagramgiving JustKayla a shout out after hearing how she inspired her. JustKayla will release her new single titled “Watching Me” in late 2015.

She will be the 2nd youngest female emcee (besides Brianna Perry) in history to have a collaboration with a popular industry female emcee. JustKayla beams, “I wish I can reveal who the celebrity rapper is but you’ll have to wait for the release.

Since moving to California, Justkayla has performed at The Family Church in Pasadena, California where she did one of her gospel songs titled, “Somebody Told Me” (Jesus Died). Later in 2014, she performed at a youth conference also in Pasadena, California. In 2015, the Teacher’s Association of Long Beach discovered her video “Anti-Bullying” on YouTube and reached out to her management asking for her to perform at their First Friday’s event, which she did on September 4, 2015.

Not one to shy away from the spotlight, JustKayla was featured on “” website for her single “I Got’Em Hatin On Me.” She also participated in a contest with over 200 online contestants. Although she was the youngest (age 10), JustKayla made the top 25 for the hottest verse contest and was given the opportunity to be featured in the next edition of HNS Magazine. Proving that “age ain’t nothin but a number,” JustKayla’s talent has placed her above others, and what she is poised to achieve in years to come is unimaginable.

JustKayla was born an entertainer. Her style, lyricism, delivery, and artistic statements are pushing the genre’s boundaries and transforming rap into an academically and artistically viable poetry. Supporting this phenomenal Lil Ms. Diva, JustKayla is a no-brainer. There is no doubt that as she continues to matures in her gift, JustKayla will be the most talked about, most sought after rapper/entertainer of her generation.

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